Daily Personal Activities

NDIS Daily Personal Activities & Daily Household Task Support Service in Sydney

Assistance to daily household tasks and personal activities to NDIS participants demands a lot of compassion and care, and a truly professional, yet comforting approach that imparts a sense of comfort in the psyche of the participants. It helps in the elimination of the feeling of neglect that these individuals with physical and mental limitation, often suffer. Able to Serve Care pride to state that, we have in our team, some of the best, most skilled, trained and qualified specialists, offering time bound as well as 24×7 NDIS daily personal activities support in Sydney.

Ever since we started our endeavour, we  have always been committed to provide daily personal activities assistance in Sydney, which will help participants lead a life of self esteem, dignity, independence and self respect. We also ensure that our Household and daily life task support service in Sydney provides the participants with the chance of achieving the objectives of their life in the truest and the most effective forms, so that they do not feel ‘left out’ by the social mainstream. 

At Able to Serve Care, we offer fully customised NDIS household task support in Sydney that is fabricated to meet the lifestyle and custom daily functional needs of the participants.

What does our Sydney NDIS Daily Personal Activities Support include?

Our Sydney NDIS Daily Personal Activities Support includes but is not related to:

  • Showering and bathing
  • Maintenance of Personal hygiene & grooming
  • Dressing
  • Going to toilet
  • Getting in & out of the bed
  • Moving around the house
  • Preparation of meal and assistance to having meals 
  • Assistance to medication
  • Laundry activities
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